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Etch your rune

Your rune

Names consist of letters A-Z and are between 13 & 28 characters long. They may contain spacers, represented as bullets • , to aid readability

The rune's currency symbol, as a single Unicode code point, for example $, or 🧿.

Mint options

The fixed amount of new units of the rune that each mint transaction creates.

The maximum number of times the rune can be minted. For clarity, the total supply is premine (if any) + mint cap * mint amount.


The amount of rune units which you can optionally allocate to your own address when etching.

You will be prompted to pay the Etch cost with your connected wallet. We will process your Etch order once your payment is confirmed. Your payment transaction has a separate fee rate which you can adjust in the wallet pop-up.

Set a sufficient fee for your payment transaction, and do not attempt to speed up with Replace-by-Fee (RBF) method. It will not affect the fee rate of your etch transaction and could result in processing issues.
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